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Unusual Montreal

Strolls, exhibitions, festivals or moment sport, he has a very wide choice there, whatever is the season! Zoom on one selection of five activities the time of a city-break in Montreal!

On the ski slopes of Pente à neige

Located in the south west of the city, the ski resort of Pente à neige offers a wide range of activities, including ski lessons and downhill snowboard and sledging strips for all. Breath-taking views over Mont Royal is the cherry on the (frosted) cake.

We celebrate Igloofest

Igloofest returns has ` Show al for one 13e`me e' dition Of January 17th to 2 fe' vrier the next one(fellow man)! Every anne' e, dozens of thousand Watches alais, of emmitoufle in their down jackets and their hats(caps), come to live the unique(only) expe' rience of one of the rare wintry festivals to the world! The programming will group(include) the best artists of the music e' lectro and promises soire' are bright and unforgettable.

Montreal, subterranean City

With its route magpie one of 32 km, Shows al is known for his(her,its) good underground re' bucket one acce`s think ' with has ` pre`s of 2000 businesses between works and e' difices of colore. For all the art lovers, they go there of cover a progress e' clectique me^lant modern art and contemporary, greedy restaurants and concept blinds as well as of numerous architectural styles!

Unpublished work: plunge into the Saint Laurent(Lawrence) the time(weather) of a Spa Bota Bota

Bota Bota suggests embarking the time(weather) of a good break - e^tre on the river Saint Laurent(Lawrence). Place ' on a boat moor ' on the quays(platforms) of the Old Man-port(-bearing) of her(it) me tropole, he(it) has a swimming pool and a spa of plonge in a design e' pure ', has(has ºfor) ` the time natural and modern. You can take advantage of numerous care and services(performances) to organize the best journe' e relaxing has ` Show al!

Have a drink in ColdRoom

It que^te of a new address show drawsheet to meet up with some friends this winter? Do not look any more, it is ColdRoom. This bar has ` cocktails(cocktail parties) will be tinged with the atmosphere of Noe¨l during the month of of cembre.
Underground spot(spotlight) and mask(hiding place) ' of Watch al, him suggests gou^ter has ` the art of the mixology has ` fault a multitude of of licieux home-made cocktails(cocktail parties). Tchin tchin!
Décembre 2018