Chronographs that last in time

As timekeepers, chronographs are respectful of History and do not forget their origins. Omega recalls on the pilots of the Great War, Eberhard honours the legendary car racer Tazio Novolari, while Frederique Constant projects a future watch that will not require adjustment before 2100.

Omega: a historic limited edition

The experts of the Atelier Tourbillon OMEGA bring back to life the first wristwatch chronograph in the brand’s history, by launching a limited edition of 18 antique models driven by a vintage movement dating from 1913.
For the success of this project, the OMEGA museum provided 18 original movements from old watches stored in its boxes.
Each of these models is equipped with an original 18" CHRO calibre. The design of the 47.5 mm watch imitates a traditional OMEGA wristwatch from 1913 and uses its classic codes: riveted leather strap, white laquered dial, blue Empire needles and Arabic numerals.
A historical time guard, it was used during the First World War by many British pilots who appreciated its easy-to-read dial and 15-minute counters.

No adjustment for 400 years for the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture

Limited edition by the Suisse brand Frederique Constant, positioned for more than 30 years among the accessible luxury, the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture combines a tourbillon and a perpetual calendar, achieving a high level of performance due to the use of materials such as silicon, which improves the mechanism of the tourbillon.
A light and durable material that has made remarkable progress in terms of precision, with a particular capability of adapting to temperature variations. This model, available in four versions, also offers a good autonomy, with a power reserve of 38 hours. Displaying the day and month, the perpetual calendar automatically adjusts itself in leap years, and should not require any manual adjustment for 400 years. The only exception due to the Gregorian calendar is that the watch must be set on March 1st 2100. However, it will be the business of your descendants.

Eberhard and the race world: a long story

It was during the Gran Premio NUVOLARI 2018 Mantoue that Eberhard & Co, official timer of the race, has formally presented their Nuvolari Legend, dedicated to pilot Tazio Uvolari, who owned a watch Eberhard & Co. It was an automatic chronograph with a retro look, featuring a black dial with a central tachymetrical spiral scale in km/h and a leather strap. The detail we love: its transparent sapphire crystal case made to contemplate the movement. Its customized with the name of the model inscribed and l’Alfa Romeo Type 12/C with which the pilot has won many victories. It is available in 39.5 mm or 43 mm with a leather strap or “Charme” in steel.
Décembre 2018
By La rédaction

Recommended retail price:
steel: 19 495 €
pink gold plated: 19 995 € .
steel, skeleton dial: 20 995 €
18-carat pink gold: 29,995 €