LIFT’O to transfer your swimming pool into a terrace in automn!

It is always upsetting that the summer-time has already gone away from us and the sadness to say goodbye with the adorable swimming poor, next rencontre with the light waves and the clean water will be next summer. To avoid the situation of dead leaves, the empty basin of the swimming pool, the terrible appearance of your swimming pool in autumn, now we have our solution to tell and change the whole situation!

Let’s see!

A genius idea has been given by company Bluewood: use a removable board Lift’O to transfer the swimming pool into a terrace. Whenever you want, wherever you need, as long as you have the innovative board Lift’O, you can change the out-looking of the original swimming pool, transferring it into a more comfortable place for sunshine and nice atmosphere in autumn.

Technique changes life

Lift’O use the material that is not corrosive to keep the sustainable usage and the special-designed balloon and structure to avoid the deflating and inflating caused by the pressure of air under the board. Additionally, it saves from 50 to 70% of energy we use and lower the usage of water from 30% to 50%. When we don’t use the swimming pool, we can just release the water to make use of the empty swimming pool as a nice terrace,

Price: From 30,000 euros
Décembre 2018
By La rédaction