Two futuristic vehicles ...

Who is to stop progress? Certainly not Morgan Motor and Lazzarini who are currently designing their futuristic vehicles combining energy savings and state of the art design.

The electric Morgan Motor EV3

Forecasted for 2018, the British car manufacturer Morgan Motor will produce its first EV3 electric, together with Frazer-Nash, British specialist in racing cars. This 3-wheel vintage design vehicle is inspired by both the aeronautical motor racing vehicles of the 30s and the fantasy machines of the 50s. The key, an improved architecture, a more robust chassis and a lowered battery. On top of this, the bullet-shaped body consists of a chassis with a grid frame housing a lithium battery of 21 kWh and a liquid-cooled engine of 34.8 kW for the rear wheel.

The "Hover Coupé" from Lazzarini Design Studio

At a time when electric and connected cars do a good job at lowering gas mileage, unfortunately they do not escape the major problem of traffic jams. It is high time to imagine yourself on the Parisian ring road, driving the futuristic flying car, the "Hover Coupé” by the Italian design studio Lazzarini. With looks like it comes straight out of a science fiction film, the latter combines a vintage design with highly avant-garde details. Designed for two people, with a length of 4.5 meters, the vehicle draws its inspiration from the legendary Italian car manufacturer Isotta Fraschini, well known for its luxury editions, ranking among the most prestigious in the world. Thanks to turbines, an aircraft engine, manoeuvrable drones and an adjustable flap, it will rise in the air and can reach ... 550 kilometres per hour.
Septembre 2018
By La rédaction