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With this week, a private island to buy in the Bahamas...

A private island for sale in the Bahamas

Among the dream-list of the Rich & Famous, you always find a private island, this little piece of Earth surrounded by lush vegetation and translucent lagoons, coveted by the most VIP Robinson. In this way, Leonardo DiCaprio owns an island off the Belize Coast, Johnny Depp one in the Bahamas and Celine Dion one in the Caribbean. If you want to join this small group of artists and businessmen, know that the "Little Pipe Cay" island, located at the heart of the Bahamas, is currently for sale for the sizeable amount of... 85 millions of dollars ! (almost 72 millions euros).

Farniente, sun and heavenly landscapes lovers will fall in love with this island located in the Exumas archipelago, small marvel of about 15 000m2 with its 4 white sandy beaches, turquoise water and reefs full of sea creatures. Moreover, this tropical paradise is already equipped with 5 villas built by the former owners who lived there during 15 years. Each villa has 9 rooms and their bathrooms, a swimming-pool, as Spa and rooms for the staff, sports fields and a 24h/24 security service. Only reachable by seaplane, it's only 112 kilometers away from Nassau and 435 kilometers away from Miami. For the funny story, some of its landscapes are featuring in the famous Disney saga "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Juillet 2018