April 2017, a new giant structure looking like a spaceship is settling in California, at the heart of Silicon Valley. Its name, the Apple Park.
A connected Earth globe, headphones perfect for your focusing and a new friend with artificial intelligence for your car...
Extreme luxury
The Italian brand, famous for its Evo 43 yacht, introduces a brand new model called Evo WA, a walk-around and expandable boat of 13,12 meters that will be presented at Cannes Yachting Festival in September.
Travel & Leisure
A former warehouse turned into a trendy Boutique-Hotel worthy of East Village, a brand new Sofitel at the heart of the city-center and a private club imagined by Anouska Hempel and Jacques Garcia...
Travel & Leisure
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Purchased by Sylvain Floirat in September 1967, the hotel evolves with time and modernity thanks to Chevanne family's expert eye.
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