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I WANT a Hélène Courtaigne Delalande ring!


St. Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Do you think your lover will think of presenting you with a beautiful and baroque creation by Hélène Courtaigne Delalande?  Nothing in life is sure... If you would like to wear a whimsical ring this spring, with its voluptuous and luminescent "lip-stone"', tell us in a few words what a jewel says about you.  Good luck!

A Passion for the Unusual

Hélène Courtaigne Delalande's designs mix with brilliance matt and sparkling gold, to create a look that is mediaeval and hip at the same time. She explores with wit some of the traditionally neglected metals, while experimenting with lesser known gems (spessartites, tsavorites, iolites, morganites, rubélites, tanzanites...). One could almost say that her works are more sculpture than jewel, the rings and pendants playing gracefully on unusual forms and harmonies. The powerful assymetry, so much her trademark, results in large, yet elegant pieces. After all, Guerlain approved her work when they entrusted the design of their Issima range to her in 2007.  We will continue to watch her work with interest...

Avril 2008
Hélène Courtaigne Delalande
Available through -
Galerie Elsa Vanier : 7 rue du Pré aux Clercs, 75007 Paris
Art Shaker : 8 rue Grégoire de Tours 75006 Paris
Arthus galerie : 33 rue Simonis Bruxelles Belgique