Travel & Leisure
This 5 stars hotel based in London has been a central topic in 2014, during its grand opening, thanks to its wonderful setting referring to the Prohibition era.
Fashion,Beauty & spa
Emporio Armani and Versus Versace said "Ciao" to Milan and "Hello" to London...
When there's a new iPhone, there's always a customization service making it even more luxurious...
Extreme luxury
Superyacht or explorer-type yacht, here is a new selection of luxurious concepts, both innovative and revolutionary.
Fashion,Beauty & spa
No anti-wrinkle cream here but, some scientific discoveries letting us envisage a world where we could master our telomeres by combating our oxidant stress and where our chromosomes could enjoy a rejuvenation.
Travel & Leisure
Thanks to "La Fugue", our favorite travel agency dedicated to musical and cultural trips, participate to the inauguration of the "Sandy Louvre" in Abu Dhabi.
To try to win three nights on half board at Ksar Ighnda, tell us your feeling about Moroccan landscapes.
Built on a former goldmine, at the top of a hill in the middle of the Rainforest, the Hamadryade Lodge is a place like no other.
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