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Unusual accommodations at the heart of nature

Where would you like to stay ? On the plateau de Bézou at an altitude of 1,600 meters, in a Wild Dome designed for a romantic stay, in an Igloo for an unforgettable night, in a Snow Pod for magical moments or in a design cabin perched in the forest of Sweden ... The choice is yours !

Stay on cloud nine in Sweden

Regarding originality, the Swedish people are number one. Nestled in the trees, 10 meters above the ground, in the middle of a forest, with a breathtaking view over the Lule River, the Tree Hotels brand offers various surprising shelters. We especially like the real bird nest, the flying saucer, the hyper design cabin, the 4x4m mirrored cube and also the real cabin that can accommodate a whole family. We can truly say this is an artistic prowess.

Price : from 500 euros per night

The most transparent one : the Wild Dome

The Wild Dome is an original and comfortable dome. As it is partly transparent, you can enjoy an exceptional view on the mountain. Its apparent structure is a mix of wood and metal that makes it warm and modern at the same time. Fully equipped and decorated, this is the ideal place to enjoy a romantic escape for a weekend.

Price : From 360 euros per night (breakfast for 2, gourmet Champagne dinner, snowshoe activities, Nordic bath, sauna, slippers, bathrobes, firewood, gondola).

The most exotic one: the Igloo

With no water nor electricity, the igloo is a refuge for adventurers. Included in the program, night snowshoeing, relaxation in a Nordic bath, meal in the refuge before spending the night in this unusual. An unforgettable experience you should share with your loved one! During the night, the temperature can fall to -10 ° in the igloo, so a heated sleeping bag is highly recommended !

Price : From 210 euros per night

The smallest one : the Snow Pod

The Snow Pod is a very small wooden shelter settled in the middle of the ski area. This cozy and warm cocoon can only hold a mattress for two people, so you’ll have to spend the evening outdoors, starting with a night snowshoe ride to finish in a warm Nordic bath (38°). You will have dinner served in a shelter before retiring into your
habitat. In the comfort of your sleeping bag, you'll watch the snow falling gently or maybe you will admire the stars before peacefully falling asleep.

Price : From 210 euros per night
Décembre 2017


Opened until April 15th